02 Dec, 2023
3 mins read

Grand Canyon Asks People to Get Rid of the “Love Locks” to Protect Its Wildlife

Everyone who comes to the Grand Canyon needs to hear this: please don’t put “love locks” on the park’s fences. The park’s condors are in danger because of this trend, which has spread around the world as a way for travellers to show their love that will last forever. The National Park Service (NPS) said […]

3 mins read

12Go: Complete Asia Family Vacation Guide for Summer 2023

Starting Action: 12Go Recommendation One of the best online travel agencies is 12Go. By focusing on Asian tourists, 12Go has become the leading online bus, ferry, and train ticketing provider. Recently, they revealed the best summer 2023 family holiday places. Let’s explore their list’s highlights, painstakingly produced from a mountain of ticket sales data. Thailand’s […]