Genshin Impact 4.3: Navia’s Big Entrance
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Genshin Impact 4.3: Navia’s Big Entrance

Hey, Genshin Impact crew! Brace yourselves because version 4.3 is about to drop, and it’s bringing a whole new chapter called “Roses and Muskets.” Navia, the dazzling five-star character, is making her grand entrance! Let’s spill the deets on when it’s happening and what Navia’s banner has in store for us.

Release Genshin Impact Time Party: When’s the Fun Starting?

Hold onto your weapons, fam! The Genshin Impact 4.3 fiesta officially kicks off on Tuesday, December 19, for most of us in the West. The shindig usually begins around 7 pm PT / 10 pm ET, depending on how fast those maintenance folks work their magic. Now, for our pals across the pond, circle Wednesday, December 20, around 3 am BT / 4 am CET on your calendars. Fontaine chapter, here we come!

Navia Steals the Spotlight: What’s the Buzz?

Navia in Genshin Impact, the Geo whiz, is making waves in 4.3. If you’ve been keeping up with the central quest in the region, you might have spotted her doing some major moves. Now, guess what? She’s not just a side character; she’s stepping into the ring as a playable character! Hold your horses; there’s more good news – the second half of the update introduces a fresh four-star face named Chevreuse.

Ayaka’s Encore: Rerun Banner Goodness

But hold up, there’s a bonus treat coming your way! Alongside Navia’s grand entrance, we’re getting a rerun banner for the Cryo queen herself, Kamisato Ayaka! She’s got that frosty touch we all love. And guess who else is joining the banner party? Sucrose, the Anemo queen with some killer group skills; Rosaria, the freeze-and-melt specialist, and Candace, who’s a bit niche but might find her time to shine.

Weapon Wonderland: Swords and Claymores Unleashed

Calling all Genshin Impact weapon enthusiasts! The banner isn’t just about characters; it’s bringing some cool weapons to the scene. There’s the axe-like claymore, Verdict, ready to chop through anything in its way. And don’t forget Ayaka’s signature sword, Mistsplitter Reforged – making a grand comeback. Plus, a bunch of four-star COIN33 weapons are joining the arsenal – variety is the spice of Genshin life!

Navia’s Geo Magic: What’s the Scoop?

Let’s dive into Navia’s moves. She’s all about that Geo magic, using her elemental skills to unleash a shotgun-like conical AoE attack. Her elemental burst? Imagine a fireworks show of auto-targeted cannon fire raining down. It’s like a Genshin-style spectacle! And here’s the cool twist – her normal attacks get a sprinkle of Geo magic whenever you use her elemental skill.

Now, Geo might be the underdog, but Navia could be the secret weapon it needs. She’s not limiting herself to the Geo squad – nope, she’s designed to rock and roll with non-Geo teammates. Get your guidebooks out and start gathering those ascension materials because Navia’s about to bring the thunder!

Get ready for the ride, fellow adventurers! Genshin Impact 4.3 is rolling in, and Navia’s taking center stage. Let the elemental adventures begin!