Romanian Communist Propaganda. Part 2: Hijacking Religion

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In order to impose itself as the dominant ideology, Communism needed to get rid of any opposition. In Romania, besides the other political ideologies (Liberalism, Conservatism, etc.), religion represented a strong competitor to Communism. Consequently, Communists started eliminating all forms of religion from people’s lives. One interesting example is how Communists managed to hijack a popular Christmas carol that children typically sang on Christmas Eve.

Communist Christmas Carol
Communist Christmas Carol

The carol, called “Steaua” (“The star”), is about the three kings or magi who found out about Jesus’ birth after seeing a rising star. However, the Communists kept only the first verse intact, while altering the rest to talk about how the rising star actually announces prosperity to all hard-working people (an allusion to the working class). This is not a coincidence, since the Soviet flag at that time contained a star (in addition to the sickle and hammer symbol of Communism).

Flag of the Soviet Union
Flag of the Soviet Union

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